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Since childhood, I have seen my mother and learned that sarees play an integral part in almost every woman's life. A saree signifies femininity in India. It plays an essential part in Hindu culture. Every closet is incomplete without saree in India. With the new trends coming this year in 2019, sarees designs have changed like hell and became most popular in every age segment.

Furthermore, it's a standout amongst the most loved Indian gatherings that never loses its appeal. Whether it’s at a formal or casual party, a wedding celebration or college farewell, you can carry the saree anywhere.


Latest Designer Sarees online  on  YOSTOR.COM:


1. Floral Border Saree:

A flawless plain designer sarees online with a floral border is the new trend making people look at you again and for small gatherings carrying a designer saree gives a refreshing feel. A plain light green saree with deep floral print gives a fabulous blend with a  floral blouse. Light and dark colour combinations are the new in.


2.Embroidered Net Saree:

Red colour net designer sarees online is the one in my mind whenever I have thought about net stuff available online on  YOSTOR.COM. Machinery embroidery with silk and stones are used to complete the designer look of a saree.  To add to its magnificence, zari is likewise included. A designer saree with net adds to your identity in gatherings and little wedding functions.


3. Faux Georgette Saree:

If you are a fan of subtle colours, here is a designer sarees online also available on YOSTOR.COM, for an ideal look in engagement parties and little gatherings. The tie-dye designer saree carries both light and dark shades of same colour matches perfect with each other. Moreover, shades of brown and pink magenta shades, mirror work, machine embroidery, lace and zari are added to it for an alluring look.


4.Banarasi Saree:

This is basically a traditional look yet elegant and most lovable designer sarees online. The Banarasi designer saree has dependably been worn to give a dazzling rich look in wedding affairs. The saree is given an adorable red shading with brilliant shading structure with string. The saree consists of ball pattern while the pally is made heavy with henna designs. You can easily find this designer sarees online on  YOSTOR.COM with all the different varieties.


5.Sequins Border Saree:

A most recent designer saree which has almost taken away the runaway on the fashion shows is the sequin bordered saree. The sequins have dependably been in fashion for plain or decorated saree. The plain champagne designer saree with brocade embellished with a thin outskirt of sequins of gold and silver gives a dazzling look in any gathering.


6. Lehenga Saree Design:

Lehenga sarees being the modern designer sarees online designed especially for the brides for engagement and other functions. You can scroll the different styles and shades on  YOSTOR.COM.The layered style designer saree outfit gives a marvellous look to the breathtaking brides. The thrilling cuts add to the design of the saree. Making the special day as a memorable day for all the brides, by giving them the best design to wear. Making this light one so that it could be carried on other functions too.



7.Dhoti Saree Designs:

Dhoti saree is basically the amazing designer saree online with the different look. Made out of a sheer material the saree gives an awesome curvy style at the midsection side. The design is considered the best designer one must have in their wardrobe. It is broadly worn in parties and functions available online on our website.