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    • Who can sell on Yostor.com?
    • What categories sell on Yostor.com?
    • Do we need to give our inventory and stock to Yostor?
    • How can I register as a Seller on Yostor?
    • So, what are the onboarding charges for a seller?
    • How does YOSTOR charge the seller then?
    • What do I need to start selling online?
    • Where can I learn about the policies of Yostor?
    • What do you mean by an online store at Yostor?
    • How can I manage my online store at Yostor?
    • What is required on the merchant's end to accept payment?
    • Who manages shipping at Yostor?
    • How will I know that the product is delivered to the buyer?
    • When does an order become eligible for a payment to merchant?
    • How are the returns managed?
    • Is there an opportunity for preferred placements?
    • How do I price my items?
    • What kind of deals and promotions can I run or should offer at Yostor
    • I uploaded products but they are not live on my shop. Why?
    • How do I Pack & Ship my Order?
    • How do I get more marketing support from Yostor?
    • Do you have any listing charges?
    • Do you provide support in uploading the products?
    • How will I know if I received any order?
    • How do I reset my vendor panel password in case I forgot?
    • Do I need to have insurance of my product as well?
For any other queries and issues contact us at seller@yostor.com